14 ranked institutions
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1 (1186)National Institute of Chemistry SloveniaSVNGovernmentQ1
1 (1186)Slovenian NMR Centre *SVNGovernmentQ1
3 (2374)Jozef Stefan International Postgraduate SchoolSVNUniversityQ1
4 (2915)University of Nova GoricaSVNUniversityQ1
5 (3129)University of Ljubljana *SVNUniversityQ1
6 (3232)Jozef Stefan InstituteSVNGovernmentQ1
7 (3437)Institute of Oncology LjubljanaSVNHealthQ2
8 (3669)Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts *SVNGovernmentQ1
9 (3942)Ljubljana University Medical CentreSVNHealthQ2
10 (4833)National Institute of BiologySVNGovernmentQ3
11 (5687)University of MariborSVNUniversityQ1
12 (6818)University of PrimorskaSVNUniversityQ2
13 (7786)Institute of Mathematics, Physics and MechanicsSVNGovernmentQ2
14 (7908)Scientific Research Center Slovenian Academy of Science and ArtsSVNGovernmentQ3