51 ranked institutions
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1 (299)Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
2 (301)Institute of Microbiology of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
3 (307)Masaryk Memorial Cancer InstituteCZEHealthQ1
4 (308)Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
5 (341)Institute of Physiology of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
6 (391)Institute of Biophysics of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
7 (398)Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic *CZEGovernmentQ1
8 (411)Institute of Experimental Botany of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
9 (413)Institute for Clinical and Experimental MedicineCZEHealthQ1
10 (421)Charles University *CZEUniversityQ1
11 (426)University of Chemistry and TechnologyCZEUniversityQ1
12 (427)University Hospital BrnoCZEHealthQ1
13 (434)University Hospital Hradec KraloveCZEHealthQ1
14 (436)J. Heyrovsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ2
15 (437)International Clinical Research CenterCZEHealthQ1
16 (446)Palacky UniversityCZEUniversityQ1
17 (451)University Hospital in OlomoucCZEHealthQ2
18 (454)University of PardubiceCZEUniversityQ2
19 (458)University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences BrnoCZEUniversityQ2
20 (461)St. Anne's University Hospital Brno *CZEHealthQ2
21 (465)Masaryk UniversityCZEUniversityQ1
21 (465)Motol University HospitalCZEHealthQ2
22 (466)University General HospitalCZEHealthQ1
23 (470)University of DefenceCZEUniversityQ2
24 (475)Institute of Scientific Instruments of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ2
25 (483)Crop Research InstituteCZEGovernmentQ2
26 (486)Brno University of TechnologyCZEUniversityQ1
26 (486)Institute of Physics of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
27 (489)Czech Technical University in PragueCZEUniversityQ1
28 (495)Technical University of LiberecCZEUniversityQ3
29 (507)Tomas Bata University in ZlinCZEUniversityQ2
30 (508)Institute of Botany of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
30 (508)University of Hradec KraloveCZEUniversityQ3
30 (508)Institute of Plasma Physics of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ3
31 (510)University Hospital VinohradyCZEHealthQ3
32 (512)Biology Centre of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
33 (516)Jan Evangelista Purkyne UniversityCZEUniversityQ3
33 (516)University of West BohemiaCZEUniversityQ2
34 (517)VSB-Technical University of OstravaCZEUniversityQ1
35 (520)Mendel University in BrnoCZEUniversityQ1
36 (523)Institute of Physics of Materials of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ4
36 (523)Czech University of Life Sciences PragueCZEUniversityQ1
37 (525)University of South BohemiaCZEUniversityQ1
37 (525)Nuclear Physics Institute of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ2
38 (526)University of OstravaCZEUniversityQ2
39 (529)Institute of Vertebrate Biology of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ1
40 (530)Czech Geological SurveyCZEGovernmentQ3
41 (540)Global Change Research Institute of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ2
41 (540)Institute of Mathematics of the ASCRCZEGovernmentQ2
41 (540)Silesian University in OpavaCZEUniversityQ3
41 (540)University of EconomicsCZEUniversityQ2