8 ranked institutions
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1 (6114)Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences *UZBGovernmentQ1
2 (7154)Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Uzbekistan Academy of SciencesUZBGovernmentQ1
3 (7426)Tashkent University of Information TechnologiesUZBUniversityQ2
4 (7908)Tashkent State Technical UniversityUZBUniversityQ2
5 (8083)Tashkent State Agrarian UniversityUZBUniversityQ1
5 (8083)National University of UzbekistanUZBUniversityQ1
5 (8083)Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization EngineersUZBUniversityQ1
5 (8083)Institute of Mathematics and Information Technologies of the Uzbekistan Academy of SciencesUZBGovernmentQ3