39 ranked institutions
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1 (408)University of Malaya *MYSUniversityQ1
2 (447)Monash University MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
3 (457)International Medical UniversityMYSUniversityQ1
4 (471)University Putra MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
5 (478)University of Nottingham, Malaysia CampusMYSUniversityQ1
6 (479)University of Technology, MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
7 (481)University of Science, Malaysia *MYSUniversityQ1
8 (482)Sunway UniversityMYSUniversityQ1
9 (483)University Tunku Abdul RahmanMYSUniversityQ1
10 (485)University of Malaya Medical CentreMYSHealthQ1
11 (486)National University of Malaysia *MYSUniversityQ1
12 (494)Petronas University of TechnologyMYSUniversityQ1
13 (495)Multimedia UniversityMYSUniversityQ2
14 (496)Islamic Science University of MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ2
15 (498)University of Malaysia KelantanMYSUniversityQ2
16 (499)Sultan Idris University of EducationMYSUniversityQ2
17 (501)Universiti Teknologi MARAMYSUniversityQ1
18 (502)University of Malaysia, PerlisMYSUniversityQ1
19 (503)Melaka Manipal Medical CollegeMYSUniversityQ2
19 (503)Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak CampusMYSUniversityQ2
19 (503)University of Malaysia, PahangMYSUniversityQ1
20 (506)Curtin University of Technology, Sarawak CampusMYSUniversityQ3
21 (510)Taylors UniversityMYSUniversityQ3
22 (512)International Islamic University MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
23 (513)University of Malaysia SabahMYSUniversityQ2
23 (513)University of Malaysia, SarawakMYSUniversityQ2
23 (513)University of Kuala LumpurMYSUniversityQ3
24 (514)Tenaga National UniversityMYSUniversityQ2
25 (517)Asia Pacific University of Technology and InnovationMYSUniversityQ3
26 (519)Technical University of Malaysia, MelakaMYSUniversityQ2
27 (520)Sultan Zainal Abidin UniversityMYSUniversityQ2
28 (523)National Defence University of MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ4
29 (524)National University of Malaysia Medical CenterMYSHealthQ2
30 (525)UCSI UniversityMYSUniversityQ3
31 (528)University Malaysia TerengganuMYSUniversityQ2
32 (532)Northern University of MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ2
33 (533)Tun Hussein Onn University of MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
34 (540)Ministry of HealthMYSHealthQ2
34 (540)Management and Science UniversityMYSUniversityQ4