77 ranked institutions
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1 (5)University of Michigan, Ann Arbor *USAUniversity
2 (11)Harvard University *USAUniversity
3 (15)University of Washington *USAUniversity
4 (20)New York University *USAUniversity
5 (21)University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill *USAUniversity
6 (31)University of Florida *USAUniversity
7 (37)University of Pennsylvania *USAUniversity
8 (38)University of California, San Francisco *USAUniversity
9 (40)University of Maryland, BaltimoreUSAUniversity
10 (42)University of Pittsburgh *USAUniversity
11 (44)Ohio State University, Columbus *USAUniversity
12 (51)University of California, Los Angeles *USAUniversity
13 (52)University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio USAUniversity
14 (57)University of Iowa *USAUniversity
15 (58)Columbia University *USAUniversity
16 (59)University of Connecticut, Storrs *USAUniversity
17 (63)Oregon Health & Science University *USAUniversity
18 (65)State University of New York, BuffaloUSAUniversity
19 (72)University of Connecticut Health CenterUSAUniversity
20 (75)University of Minnesota, Twin Cities *USAUniversity
21 (78)Tufts UniversityUSAUniversity
22 (79)University of Southern California *USAUniversity
23 (80)University of Alabama, Birmingham *USAUniversity
23 (80)University of Illinois, Chicago *USAUniversity
24 (83)University of Rochester *USAUniversity
25 (103)University of Colorado, Denver *USAUniversity
26 (104)Augusta University *USAUniversity
27 (107)University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical CampusUSAUniversity
28 (116)University of Minnesota Health and MedicineUSAUniversity
29 (117)Case Western Reserve UniversityUSAUniversity
30 (119)Indiana University-Purdue University IndianapolisUSAUniversity
31 (128)University of Pittsburgh Health SciencesUSAUniversity
32 (129)Stanford University *USAUniversity
33 (133)Boston University *USAUniversity
34 (134)Marquette UniversityUSAUniversity
35 (139)Rutgers, The State University of New JerseyUSAUniversity
36 (145)Virginia Commonwealth University *USAUniversity
37 (151)Johns Hopkins University *USAUniversity
38 (161)Loma Linda University *USAUniversity
39 (187)Nova Southeastern University, Estados UnidosUSAUniversity
40 (192)Temple University *USAUniversity
41 (198)Harvard Medical SchoolUSAUniversity
42 (209)University of the PacificUSAUniversity
42 (209)Medical University of South Carolina *USAUniversity
43 (218)University of Kentucky *USAUniversity
44 (232)Louisiana State University, Health Sciences CenterUSAUniversity
45 (233)University of Texas, Health Science Center at HoustonUSAUniversity
46 (235)State University of New York, Stony Brook *USAUniversity
47 (237)Washington University in Saint Louis *USAUniversity
48 (243)Emory University *USAUniversity
49 (249)Yale University *USAUniversity
50 (256)University of Louisville *USAUniversity
51 (259)University of Utah *USAUniversity
52 (260)Saint Louis University, Saint Louis *USAUniversity
53 (270)Pennsylvania State University *USAUniversity
54 (289)Duke University *USAUniversity
55 (296)University of Detroit MercyUSAUniversity
56 (315)University of Missouri, Kansas CityUSAUniversity
57 (334)University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center USAUniversity
58 (336)Creighton UniversityUSAUniversity
59 (353)University of Nevada-Las VegasUSAUniversity
60 (356)West Virginia University *USAUniversity
61 (358)AT Still UniversityUSAUniversity
62 (367)Icahn School of Medicine at Mount SinaiUSAUniversity
63 (368)University of Cincinnati *USAUniversity
64 (369)University of Oklahoma *USAUniversity
65 (371)University of Kansas *USAUniversity
66 (383)East Carolina UniversityUSAUniversity
67 (399)University of Nebraska Medical CenterUSAUniversity
68 (414)University of Mississippi *USAUniversity
69 (439)University of Miami *USAUniversity
70 (440)Thomas Jefferson University *USAUniversity
71 (441)University of Mississippi Medical CenterUSAUniversity
72 (442)Uniformed Services University of the Health SciencesUSAUniversity
73 (449)Medical College of WisconsinUSAUniversity
74 (461)Rush University *USAUniversity
75 (472)Midwestern UniversityUSAUniversity