106 ranked institutions
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1 (93)Polish Academy of Sciences *POLGovernmentQ1
2 (258)Jagiellonian UniversityPOLUniversityQ1
3 (300)University of WarsawPOLUniversityQ1
4 (332)AGH University of Science and TechnologyPOLUniversityQ1
5 (335)Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
6 (342)Warsaw University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ1
7 (353)Silesian University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ1
8 (356)Adam Mickiewicz UniversityPOLUniversityQ1
9 (357)Poznan University of Medical SciencesPOLUniversityQ1
10 (360)Nicolaus Copernicus Astronomical Center Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
11 (362)Wroclaw Medical UniversityPOLUniversityQ1
12 (363)Medical University of WarsawPOLUniversityQ1
13 (367)Wroclaw University of Science and TechnologyPOLUniversityQ1
14 (369)Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
14 (369)Medical University of LodzPOLUniversityQ1
14 (369)Nicolaus Copernicus UniversityPOLUniversityQ1
15 (370)Institute of Mathematics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
16 (373)Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life SciencesPOLUniversityQ1
16 (373)Medical University of GdanskPOLUniversityQ1
17 (374)Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
18 (376)Institute of Pharmacology Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
19 (377)Medical University of SilesiaPOLUniversityQ1
19 (377)Institute of Genetics and Animal Breeding Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
19 (377)Gdansk University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ1
19 (377)National Veterinary Research InstitutePOLGovernmentQ1
19 (377)Medical University of BialystokPOLUniversityQ1
20 (380)Institute of Immunology and Experimental Therapy Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
21 (381)Warsaw University of Life SciencesPOLUniversityQ1
22 (382)University of WroclawPOLUniversityQ1
23 (383)Medical University of LublinPOLUniversityQ1
23 (383)Poznan University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ1
23 (383)Academy of Physical Education in KatowicePOLUniversityQ2
24 (385)University of LodzPOLUniversityQ1
24 (385)University of Warmia and MazuryPOLUniversityQ1
25 (387)Institute of CardiologyPOLHealthQ2
26 (388)Pomeranian Medical UniversityPOLUniversityQ1
26 (388)Mossakowski Medical Research Centre Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
27 (389)National Centre for Nuclear ResearchPOLGovernmentQ1
28 (390)University of Life Sciences in LublinPOLUniversityQ2
28 (390)Institute of Agrophysics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
29 (391)John Paul II HospitalPOLHealthQ2
29 (391)Poznan University of Life SciencesPOLUniversityQ2
30 (394)Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
31 (396)University of GdanskPOLUniversityQ1
32 (397)Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Institute of OncologyPOLHealthQ1
32 (397)Main School of Fire ServicePOLUniversityQ2
33 (398)University of Social Sciences and HumanitiesPOLUniversityQ2
33 (398)Children's Memorial Health InstitutePOLHealthQ2
34 (402)University of Agriculture in KrakowPOLUniversityQ2
34 (402)Technical University of LodzPOLUniversityQ1
35 (404)Pedagogical University of KielcePOLUniversityQ2
36 (405)Henryk Niewodniczanski Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
36 (405)Czestochowa University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
37 (406)Jozef Pilsudski University of Physical Education in WarsawPOLUniversityQ3
38 (408)Rzeszow University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
38 (408)University of Silesia in KatowicePOLUniversityQ1
38 (408)Kielce University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ3
39 (409)Opole University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ3
40 (411)Poznan University of Economics and Business POLUniversityQ3
40 (411)Polish Mothers Memorial Hospital Research InstitutePOLHealthQ3
40 (411)Institute of Animal Reproduction and Food Research Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
41 (412)University of SzczecinPOLUniversityQ2
42 (413)Lublin University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
42 (413)Bialystok University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
43 (415)University School of Physical Education in WroclawPOLUniversityQ3
43 (415)University of RzeszowPOLUniversityQ2
43 (415)John Paul II Catholic University of LublinPOLUniversityQ2
44 (417)University of Zielona GoraPOLUniversityQ2
45 (420)Tadeusz Kosciuszko Cracow University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
46 (421)West Pomeranian University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
46 (421)Maria Curie Sklodowska UniversityPOLUniversityQ2
47 (423)Institute of Physical Chemistry Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
47 (423)University of BialystokPOLUniversityQ2
48 (424)Siedlce University of Natural Sciences and HumanitiesPOLUniversityQ3
49 (425)Institute of Geophysics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ3
50 (426)Kazimierz Wielki UniversityPOLUniversityQ3
51 (429)The Szewalski Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
52 (431)University of Technology and Life SciencesPOLUniversityQ3
53 (432)Kozminski UniversityPOLUniversityQ3
54 (433)Military University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ2
55 (434)Pedagogical University of CracowPOLUniversityQ2
55 (434)Warsaw School of EconomicsPOLUniversityQ3
56 (436)Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
57 (438)Opole UniversityPOLUniversityQ2
58 (439)Institute of Fundamental Technological Research Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ3
59 (443)Jan Dlugosz UniversityPOLUniversityQ4
59 (443)Koszalin University of TechnologyPOLUniversityQ3
60 (444)Center of Polymer and Carbon Materials Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
61 (446)Institute of Physics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
62 (448)Institute of Organic Chemistry Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
62 (448)Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in WarsawPOLUniversityQ3
63 (454)Gdynia Maritime UniversityPOLUniversityQ4
64 (457)University of Bielsko-BialaPOLUniversityQ3
64 (457)Cracow University of EconomicsPOLUniversityQ3
64 (457)Institute of High Pressure Physics of the Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
65 (463)Systems Research Institute Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ3
65 (463)Kazimierz Pulaski University of Technology and Humanities in RadomPOLUniversityQ4
66 (464)Institute of Catalysis and Surface Chemistry Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
66 (464)University of Economics in KatowicePOLUniversityQ3
67 (466)Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ2
68 (468)Wroclaw University of EconomicsPOLUniversityQ3
69 (470)Institute of Molecular Physics Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ3
70 (471)Centre of Molecular and Macromolecular Studies Polish Academy of SciencesPOLGovernmentQ1
71 (475)Institute of Electronic Materials TechnologyPOLGovernmentQ1
72 (479)Panstwowy Instytut GeologicznyPOLGovernmentQ3
73 (491)Institute of Electron TechnologyPOLGovernmentQ2