2746 ranked institutions
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1 (1)Chinese Academy of Sciences *CHNGovernmentQ1
2 (3)Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of ChinaCHNGovernmentQ1
3 (25)University of Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNUniversityQ1
4 (45)Peking University *CHNUniversityQ1
5 (58)Shanghai Jiao Tong University *CHNUniversityQ1
6 (65)Zhejiang University *CHNUniversityQ1
7 (68)National University of Singapore *SGPUniversityQ1
8 (73)University of Tokyo *JPNUniversityQ1
9 (80)Tsinghua University *CHNUniversityQ1
10 (105)Fudan University *CHNUniversityQ1
11 (119)Sun Yat-Sen University *CHNUniversityQ1
12 (127)Seoul National University *KORUniversityQ1
13 (156)Sichuan University *CHNUniversityQ1
14 (164)The University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversityQ1
15 (172)Huazhong University of Science and Technology *CHNUniversityQ1
16 (173)Kyoto University *JPNUniversityQ1
17 (175)The Chinese University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversityQ1
18 (211)National Taiwan UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
19 (217)Nanyang Technological University *SGPUniversityQ1
20 (244)Yonsei University *KORUniversityQ1
21 (256)Central South University *CHNUniversityQ1
22 (264)Samsung Research, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
23 (291)Shandong University *CHNUniversityQ1
24 (299)Tongji University *CHNUniversityQ1
25 (300)Center for Disease Control and Prevention ChinaCHNHealthQ1
26 (304)University of IndonesiaIDNUniversityQ1
27 (316)Osaka University *JPNUniversityQ1
28 (318)Keio University *JPNUniversityQ1
29 (321)Tohoku University *JPNUniversityQ1
30 (344)Kyushu University *JPNUniversityQ1
31 (346)Xi'an Jiaotong University *CHNUniversityQ1
32 (352)Mahidol University *THAUniversityQ1
33 (357)Wuhan University *CHNUniversityQ1
34 (358)University of Delhi *INDUniversityQ1
35 (360)Singapore-MIT AllianceSGPGovernmentQ1
36 (367)Hokkaido University *JPNUniversityQ1
37 (374)Peking University Health Science CenterCHNUniversityQ1
38 (375)Council of Scientific and Industrial Research *INDGovernmentQ1
39 (380)China Medical University, Taichung *TWNUniversityQ1
40 (392)Nanjing University *CHNUniversityQ1
41 (413)Asan Medical Center Seoul *KORHealthQ1
42 (416)Japan Meteorological AgencyJPNGovernmentQ1
43 (422)Jilin University *CHNUniversityQ1
44 (429)All India Institute of Medical SciencesINDUniversityQ1
45 (447)Hong Kong Polytechnic UniversityHKGUniversityQ1
46 (449)Korea University *KORUniversityQ1
47 (458)Indian Council of Agricultural Research *INDGovernmentQ1
48 (459)Japan Science & Technology AgencyJPNGovernmentQ1
49 (461)Beijing Normal University *CHNUniversityQ1
50 (462)Zhengzhou University *CHNUniversityQ1
51 (464)University of Science and Technology of China *CHNUniversityQ1
52 (470)Gadjah Mada UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
53 (505)Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College *CHNUniversityQ1
54 (520)Nagoya University *JPNUniversityQ1
55 (522)China Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
56 (524)Waseda UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
57 (534)Chulalongkorn UniversityTHAUniversityQ1
58 (553)National Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
59 (562)Hyundai Motor Co, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
60 (566)Airlangga universityIDNUniversityQ1
61 (569)Ministry of AgricultureCHNGovernmentQ1
62 (576)Manipal UniversityINDUniversityQ1
63 (582)VIT UniversityINDUniversityQ1
64 (607)Capital University of Medical Sciences *CHNUniversityQ1
64 (607)Tianjin University *CHNUniversityQ1
66 (609)University of Tsukuba *JPNUniversityQ1
67 (615)Sungkyunkwan UniversityKORUniversityQ1
67 (615)University of Malaya *MYSUniversityQ1
69 (622)National Cheng Kung UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
70 (624)Department of Science and TechnologyPHLGovernmentQ1
70 (624)Universiti Teknologi MARAMYSUniversityQ1
72 (632)City University of Hong Kong *HKGUniversityQ1
73 (635)National Yang Ming Chiao Tung UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
74 (642)National Institute of InformaticsJPNGovernmentQ1
75 (644)Amity University *INDUniversityQ1
76 (648)Southeast University, Nanjing *CHNUniversityQ1
77 (652)Samsung Medical Center SeoulKORHealthQ1
77 (652)Indian Space Research Organization *INDGovernmentQ1
79 (662)University of DhakaBGDUniversityQ1
80 (678)Gujarat Pollution Control BoardINDGovernmentQ1
81 (687)Guru Tegh Bahadur HospitalINDHealthQ1
82 (688)State Grid Corporation of China *CHNCompanyQ1
83 (693)University of Tokyo HospitalJPNHealthQ1
84 (703)Taipei City HospitalTWNHealthQ1
85 (704)Harbin Institute of TechnologyCHNUniversityQ1
86 (707)Soochow University, Suzhou *CHNUniversityQ1
87 (717)Indian Institute of Technology, KharagpurINDUniversityQ1
88 (730)University Putra MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
88 (730)Brawijaya UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
90 (734)Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay *INDUniversityQ1
91 (735)Chiang Mai UniversityTHAUniversityQ1
92 (739)Ministry of HealthMYSHealthQ1
93 (743)National Taiwan University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
94 (745)New York University, ShanghaiCHNUniversityQ1
95 (748)Hiroshima University *JPNUniversityQ1
96 (758)Siriraj HospitalTHAHealthQ1
97 (766)University of Science, Malaysia *MYSUniversityQ1
98 (767)Indian Institute of Technology, DelhiINDUniversityQ1
98 (767)Ministry of Public HealthTHAHealthQ1
98 (767)Indian Institute of ScienceINDUniversityQ1
101 (772)Juntendo University *JPNUniversityQ1
102 (778)Bangladesh University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ1
103 (779)Diponegoro UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
104 (788)National Kyushu Cancer CenterJPNHealthQ1
105 (796)Japanese Red Cross Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
106 (799)BRAC UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
107 (800)Osaka National HospitalJPNHealthQ1
107 (800)Musashino Red Cross HospitalJPNHealthQ1
109 (807)Osaka Red Cross HospitalJPNHealthQ1
110 (820)Padjadjaran UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
111 (826)Academia Sinica *TWNGovernmentQ1
112 (827)National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
113 (838)Kobe University *JPNUniversityQ1
113 (838)Rajshahi UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
115 (850)University of the Philippines Diliman *PHLUniversityQ1
115 (850)Bandung Institute of TechnologyIDNUniversityQ1
117 (853)University of ChittagongBGDUniversityQ1
118 (855)Jinan University *CHNUniversityQ1
119 (861)Keio University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
120 (865)Khulna UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
120 (865)Xiamen University *CHNUniversityQ1
122 (868)Indian Council of Medical Research *INDHealthQ1
123 (874)Sri Ramaswamy Memorial UniversityINDUniversityQ1
124 (880)Bogor Agricultural UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
125 (881)Hanyang University *KORUniversityQ1
126 (884)Ramathibodi HospitalTHAHealthQ1
127 (894)South China University of TechnologyCHNUniversityQ1
128 (895)Kyung Hee University *KORUniversityQ1
129 (906)Khulna University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ1
130 (908)Nihon University *JPNUniversityQ1
131 (922)Rajshahi University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ1
132 (926)Mawlana Bhashani University of Science and Technology, TangailBGDUniversityQ1
133 (927)Jagannath UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
133 (927)Chittagong University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ1
135 (933)Sylhet Agricultural UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
135 (933)Patuakhali University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ2
137 (936)Universitas Negeri Sebelas MaretIDNUniversityQ1
138 (940)International Islamic University ChittagongBGDUniversityQ2
139 (942)Military Institute of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ2
139 (942)National Astronomical Observatory of Japan *JPNGovernmentQ1
141 (951)Begum Rokeya UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
142 (957)Islamic University, BangladeshBGDUniversityQ1
142 (957)University of PuneINDUniversityQ1
144 (959)RIKEN-Institute of Physical and Chemical ResearchJPNGovernmentQ1
145 (965)BGC Trust University BangladeshBGDUniversityQ1
146 (968)United International UniversityBGDUniversityQ2
146 (968)Hajee Mohammad Danesh University of Science and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ2
148 (973)National Health Commission of the People's Republic of China *CHNHealthQ1
149 (977)Dhaka University of Engineering and TechnologyBGDUniversityQ2
149 (977)Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
151 (983)State University of BangladeshBGDUniversityQ1
152 (985)Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, IndiaINDCompanyQ1
152 (985)Comilla UniversityBGDUniversityQ1
154 (994)Binus UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
155 (998)Banaras Hindu UniversityINDUniversityQ1
156 (1017)Indian Institute of Technology, KanpurINDUniversityQ1
156 (1017)National University of Malaysia *MYSUniversityQ1
158 (1032)National Institute for Environmental StudiesJPNGovernmentQ1
159 (1035)Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, KaohsiungTWNHealthQ1
160 (1037)Kyoto University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
161 (1045)Seoul National University Hospital *KORHealthQ1
162 (1054)Universitas Negeri YogyakartaIDNUniversityQ1
162 (1054)Telkom UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
164 (1057)Taipei Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
165 (1061)Kindai University *JPNUniversityQ1
166 (1069)Kyushu University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
167 (1071)Tokyo Institute of TechnologyJPNUniversityQ1
168 (1073)Lee Kuan Yew School of Public PolicySGPUniversityQ1
169 (1080)Tokyo Medical and Dental UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
170 (1086)Lahore General HospitalPAKHealthQ1
171 (1099)National Defense Medical CenterTWNHealthQ1
172 (1109)Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and ResearchINDUniversityQ1
173 (1117)Nankai University *CHNUniversityQ1
174 (1129)NTT Medical Center TokyoJPNHealthQ1
175 (1134)Ritsumeikan UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
176 (1137)National Center for Global Health and MedicineJPNHealthQ1
177 (1141)Sepuluh Nopember Institute of TechnologyIDNUniversityQ1
178 (1142)Chiba University *JPNUniversityQ1
179 (1144)National Center for Theoretical SciencesTWNUniversityQ1
180 (1150)Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences *CHNGovernmentQ1
180 (1150)National Cheng Kung University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
182 (1156)Taipei Medical UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
183 (1172)National Taiwan Normal UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
184 (1175)Indonesia University of EducationIDNUniversityQ1
185 (1176)Defence Research and Development OrganisationINDGovernmentQ1
185 (1176)Indian Institute of Technology, MadrasINDUniversityQ1
187 (1180)Toho University *JPNUniversityQ1
188 (1188)Lovely Professional UniversityINDUniversityQ1
189 (1207)COMSATS Institute of Information Technology *PAKUniversityQ1
190 (1210)Chongqing UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
191 (1215)Pusan National UniversityKORUniversityQ1
192 (1221)Anna UniversityINDUniversityQ1
193 (1224)The Hong Kong University of Science and TechnologyHKGUniversityQ1
194 (1225)Andalas UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
195 (1226)Ministry of Health SGPHealthQ1
196 (1227)China Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
197 (1234)Tri-Service General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
198 (1238)University of the Punjab, LahorePAKUniversityQ1
199 (1242)National Center of Neurology and PsychiatryJPNHealthQ1
200 (1253)East China Normal University *CHNUniversityQ1
201 (1260)Okayama University *JPNUniversityQ1
202 (1275)Japan Aerospace Exploration AgencyJPNGovernmentQ1
203 (1277)Universitas Negeri PadangIDNUniversityQ1
204 (1287)National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & TechnologyJPNGovernmentQ1
205 (1297)Tohoku University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
206 (1299)Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology *KORUniversityQ1
207 (1303)Shenzhen UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
207 (1303)Dalian University of Technology *CHNUniversityQ1
209 (1307)Nanjing Medical University *CHNUniversityQ1
210 (1328)Tokyo Womens Medical University *JPNUniversityQ1
210 (1328)China University of GeosciencesCHNUniversityQ1
212 (1335)Aligarh Muslim UniversityINDUniversityQ1
212 (1335)Jawaharlal Nehru UniversityINDUniversityQ1
214 (1340)National Tsing Hua UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
215 (1345)Beijing Institute of TechnologyCHNUniversityQ1
216 (1351)Hokkaido University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
217 (1360)Lampung UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
218 (1364)Agency for Science, Technology and Research Singapore *SGPGovernmentQ1
219 (1367)Islamic University of IndonesiaIDNUniversityQ2
219 (1367)National Research Institute for Child Health and DevelopmentJPNHealthQ1
221 (1372)Yonsei University Health SystemKORHealthQ1
221 (1372)National Center for Geriatrics and Gerontology *JPNHealthQ1
223 (1375)Udayana UniversityIDNUniversityQ2
224 (1381)Osaka University HospitalJPNHealthQ1
225 (1383)Aga Khan University *PAKUniversityQ1
226 (1386)Allama Iqbal Open UniversityPAKUniversityQ1
226 (1386)Osaka International Cancer InstituteJPNHealthQ1
228 (1391)BeiHang University *CHNUniversityQ1
229 (1394)Mackay Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
230 (1397)University of Electronic Science and Technology of China *CHNUniversityQ1
231 (1403)Nippon Medical School *JPNUniversityQ1
232 (1409)Amrita UniversityINDUniversityQ1
232 (1409)Prince of Songkla UniversityTHAUniversityQ1
234 (1428)Meiji UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
235 (1435)Universitas Negeri SemarangIDNUniversityQ1
236 (1440)Southern Medical University *CHNUniversityQ1
237 (1447)Kasetsart UniversityTHAUniversityQ1
238 (1456)National University of Science and Technology, IslamabadPAKUniversityQ1
238 (1456)Indian Institute of Pulses ResearchINDGovernmentQ1
240 (1460)Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
241 (1464)Indian Agricultural Statistics Research InstituteINDGovernmentQ1
242 (1468)Advanced Institutes of Convergence TechnologyKORGovernmentQ1
242 (1468)Juntendo University Urayasu HospitalJPNHealthQ1
242 (1468)University of LucknowINDUniversityQ1
242 (1468)Indian Institute of Soil SciencesINDGovernmentQ1
246 (1482)Chandigarh UniversityINDUniversityQ1
246 (1482)Panjab UniversityINDUniversityQ1
248 (1484)Chang Gung UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
248 (1484)Negeri Malang UniversityIDNUniversityQ2
250 (1489)Indian Grassland and Fodder Research InstituteINDGovernmentQ1
250 (1489)Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
252 (1493)Universitas Atma Jaya YogyakartaIDNUniversityQ2
252 (1493)Central Potato Research InstituteINDGovernmentQ1
252 (1493)Tata Memorial CentreINDGovernmentQ1
255 (1502)Khon Kaen UniversityTHAUniversityQ1
255 (1502)Hyogo College of Medicine *JPNUniversityQ1
257 (1507)National Cerebral and Cardiovascular CenterJPNHealthQ1
258 (1511)Central Plantation Crops Research InstituteINDGovernmentQ1
258 (1511)Central Institute of Research on Cotton TechnologyINDGovernmentQ1
260 (1514)University of Technology, MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
261 (1515)Juntendo University Shizuoka HospitalJPNHealthQ1
262 (1517)Kyungpook National University *KORUniversityQ1
263 (1523)Kansai Rosai HospitalJPNHealthQ1
264 (1527)Jiangsu University *CHNUniversityQ1
265 (1528)Chuo UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
266 (1529)University of RajasthanINDUniversityQ1
267 (1531)Hong Kong Baptist UniversityHKGUniversityQ2
268 (1536)Doshisha UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
269 (1542)Kanazawa University *JPNUniversityQ1
269 (1542)Sriwijaya UniversityIDNUniversityQ2
271 (1548)Chung-Ang University *KORUniversityQ1
272 (1550)University of Ulsan *KORUniversityQ1
272 (1550)Northwestern Polytechnical UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
272 (1550)Toho University Sakura Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
272 (1550)Toho University Ohashi Medical CenterJPNHealthQ1
276 (1565)Taichung Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ1
276 (1565)National Institute of Information and Communications TechnologyJPNGovernmentQ1
276 (1565)Nagasaki University *JPNUniversityQ1
276 (1565)Osaka Rosai HospitalJPNHealthQ1
280 (1572)Birla Institute of Technology and Science *INDUniversityQ1
280 (1572)National Research and Innovation Agency *IDNGovernmentQ1
282 (1575)National Institute for Plant BiotechnologyINDGovernmentQ1
283 (1583)Kumamoto University *JPNUniversityQ1
283 (1583)Ewha Womans University *KORUniversityQ1
283 (1583)Chi Mei Medical CenterTWNHealthQ1
286 (1586)University of CalcuttaINDUniversityQ1
287 (1590)National Institute of Public Health of JapanJPNHealthQ1
288 (1594)Lanzhou University *CHNUniversityQ1
288 (1594)Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha UniversityINDUniversityQ1
288 (1594)Osmania University *INDUniversityQ1
291 (1602)Osaka Metropolitan University *JPNUniversityQ1
292 (1604)Jadavpur UniversityINDUniversityQ1
293 (1608)Tokyo Medical University *JPNUniversityQ1
294 (1616)Yokohama City University *JPNUniversityQ1
295 (1622)Tokai University *JPNUniversityQ1
295 (1622)Indian Institute of Technology, RoorkeeINDUniversityQ1
297 (1625)Catholic University of Korea *KORUniversityQ1
298 (1642)Universitas Muhammadiyah YogyakartaIDNUniversityQ2
299 (1645)Northwest A and F UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
300 (1653)University of MumbaiINDUniversityQ1
300 (1653)Bhabha Atomic Research CentreINDGovernmentQ1
302 (1666)Chaudhary Charan Singh UniversityINDUniversityQ1
303 (1673)Chung-Ho Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ1
304 (1678)Shinshu University *JPNUniversityQ1
304 (1678)The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang UniversityCHNHealthQ1
306 (1689)Hasanuddin UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
306 (1689)Ehime Prefectural Central HospitalJPNHealthQ1
308 (1692)Japanese Foundation for Cancer ResearchJPNHealthQ1
308 (1692)Toyo UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
310 (1700)Universitas Muhammadiyah SurakartaIDNUniversityQ2
311 (1721)Kitasato University *JPNUniversityQ1
312 (1722)University of KeralaINDUniversityQ1
313 (1723)Universitas Sumatera UtaraIDNUniversityQ1
314 (1728)Universitas Muhammadiyah MalangIDNUniversityQ2
315 (1733)De La Salle UniversityPHLUniversityQ1
316 (1737)Niigata University *JPNUniversityQ1
317 (1741)Tokyo University of ScienceJPNUniversityQ1
318 (1744)National Agriculture and Food Research OrganizationJPNGovernmentQ1
319 (1749)National Chung Hsing UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
320 (1753)University of CalicutINDUniversityQ1
321 (1756)Universitas Negeri MakassarIDNUniversityQ2
322 (1765)Tamil Nadu Agricultural UniversityINDUniversityQ1
323 (1774)Ehime University *JPNUniversityQ2
323 (1774)The Kansai Electric Power CompanyJPNCompanyQ2
325 (1781)Gujarat Technological UniversityINDUniversityQ1
326 (1790)Universitas Ahmad Dahlan YogyakartaIDNUniversityQ2
327 (1797)Nagoya City University *JPNUniversityQ1
327 (1797)Forestry and Forest Products Research InstituteJPNGovernmentQ2
329 (1814)Ocean University of ChinaCHNUniversityQ1
329 (1814)Higher Education Commission of Pakistan *PAKNon-ProfitQ1
331 (1816)Universitas Negeri SurabayaIDNUniversityQ2
332 (1832)National Sun Yat-sen UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
332 (1832)University of MadrasINDUniversityQ1
334 (1846)Indian Institute of Technology GuwahatiINDUniversityQ1
334 (1846)NMIMS UniversityINDUniversityQ1
336 (1849)Institute of Biomedical Science, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
337 (1851)The Jikei University School of Medicine *JPNUniversityQ2
338 (1861)University of Agriculture, FaisalabadPAKUniversityQ1
339 (1866)Northwest Institute of Eco-Environment and Resources, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
340 (1869)Thammasat UniversityTHAUniversityQ1
341 (1872)International Islamic University MalaysiaMYSUniversityQ1
342 (1876)Seoul National University Bundang HospitalKORHealthQ1
342 (1876)Christian Medical College, VelloreINDUniversityQ1
344 (1879)Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
345 (1884)Jamia Millia Islamia Central UniversityINDUniversityQ1
346 (1893)Showa University *JPNUniversityQ2
347 (1919)Saitama Medical University *JPNUniversityQ2
348 (1926)Kobe University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
348 (1926)Japan International Research Center for Agricultural SciencesJPNGovernmentQ1
350 (1930)Tokyo Metropolitan UniversityJPNUniversityQ1
350 (1930)Chungnam National UniversityKORUniversityQ1
352 (1939)Research Center for Environmental Changes, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
353 (1944)Shanmugha Arts, Science, Technology and Research AcademyINDUniversityQ1
354 (1954)Institute of Physics, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
354 (1954)Nagoya University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
354 (1954)Kagoshima University *JPNUniversityQ2
357 (1959)Taipei Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
357 (1959)Institute of Astrophysics and Astronomy, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
357 (1959)National Remote Sensing CentreINDGovernmentQ1
360 (1968)Genomics Research Center, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
360 (1968)National Central UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
360 (1968)State Key Joint Laboratory of Environmental Simulation and Pollution ControlCHNGovernmentQ1
360 (1968)Fu Jen Catholic UniversityTWNUniversityQ1
364 (1973)Institute of Biological Chemistry, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
365 (1976)Indian Agricultural Research InstituteINDGovernmentQ1
366 (1980)Universitas Islam Negeri Sunan Gunung DjatiIDNUniversityQ1
366 (1980)Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
368 (1983)KIIT UniversityINDUniversityQ1
369 (1986)Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki VishwavidyalayaINDUniversityQ1
369 (1986)NEC JapanJPNCompanyQ1
369 (1986)Institute of Information Science, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
372 (1991)Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
373 (1995)Institute of Earth Sciences, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ2
374 (1998)International University of Health and Welfare *JPNUniversityQ2
374 (1998)Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
374 (1998)Universitas Pendidikan GaneshaIDNUniversityQ1
377 (2015)University of Santo TomasPHLUniversityQ1
378 (2018)National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro SciencesINDUniversityQ1
379 (2023)Christ UniversityINDUniversityQ1
380 (2028)Nanchang University *CHNUniversityQ1
381 (2039)Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University JakartaIDNUniversityQ2
381 (2039)Research Center for Information Technology Innovation Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
383 (2046)Allahabad UniversityINDUniversityQ1
384 (2061)China Meteorological AdministrationCHNGovernmentQ1
385 (2065)Delhi Technological UniversityINDUniversityQ1
386 (2073)Guru Nanak Dev UniversityINDUniversityQ1
387 (2106)Hitotsubashi UniversityJPNUniversityQ2
387 (2106)King Georges Medical UniversityINDUniversityQ1
387 (2106)National Chengchi UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
390 (2123)Hunan UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
390 (2123)FPT UniversityVNMUniversityQ1
392 (2131)Sathyabama Institute of Science and TechnologyINDUniversityQ1
392 (2131)Institute of Chemistry, Academia SinicaTWNGovernmentQ1
392 (2131)University of the Philippines Los BanosPHLUniversityQ2
395 (2137)Devi Ahilya UniversityINDUniversityQ1
396 (2148)Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
397 (2155)Gifu University *JPNUniversityQ2
398 (2162)Japan Atomic Energy AgencyJPNGovernmentQ2
398 (2162)Inha UniversityKORUniversityQ1
400 (2167)Sophia UniversityJPNUniversityQ2
401 (2178)Nippon Steel Corp, JapanJPNCompanyQ2
402 (2193)Tata Steel Ltd, IndiaINDCompanyQ1
402 (2193)Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj UniversityINDUniversityQ1
402 (2193)Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.TWNCompanyQ1
405 (2202)National University Health System *SGPHealthQ1
405 (2202)National Institute of Technology RourkelaINDUniversityQ1
405 (2202)Symbiosis International UniversityINDUniversityQ1
405 (2202)University Tunku Abdul RahmanMYSUniversityQ1
409 (2213)Tokyo University of Marine Science and TechnologyJPNUniversityQ2
410 (2225)Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and TechnologyJPNGovernmentQ1
410 (2225)Gujarat UniversityINDUniversityQ1
412 (2236)Kaohsiung Medical UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
412 (2236)Singapore Management UniversitySGPUniversityQ1
414 (2246)Annamalai UniversityINDUniversityQ1
414 (2246)Indian Institute of Technology, HyderabadINDUniversityQ1
416 (2251)Teikyo University *JPNUniversityQ2
416 (2251)Shanghai Medical College of Fudan UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
418 (2257)First Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou UniversityCHNHealthQ1
418 (2257)Konkuk University *KORUniversityQ1
420 (2267)Indian Institute of TechnologyINDUniversityQ1
421 (2270)Hosei UniversityJPNUniversityQ2
422 (2277)KL UniversityINDUniversityQ1
422 (2277)Tokyo Medical University HospitalJPNHealthQ2
424 (2284)Universitas Negeri MedanIDNUniversityQ1
424 (2284)Japan Society for the Promotion of ScienceJPNGovernmentQ2
426 (2290)Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, HyderabadINDUniversityQ1
427 (2298)Tokyo Medical University Hachioji Medical CenterJPNHealthQ2
428 (2301)Chung Shan Medical University HospitalTWNHealthQ1
428 (2301)Indian Institute of Management, AhmedabadINDUniversityQ1
430 (2306)Tamkang UniversityTWNUniversityQ2
430 (2306)Cathay General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
432 (2311)Buddhist Tzu Chi Medical Foundation *TWNHealthQ2
433 (2319)Yamaguchi University *JPNUniversityQ2
433 (2319)Kaohsiung Veterans General HospitalTWNHealthQ2
435 (2327)Kansai UniversityJPNUniversityQ2
436 (2332)Sharda UniversityINDUniversityQ1
436 (2332)Cochin University of Science and TechnologyINDUniversityQ1
438 (2338)Shanghai UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
438 (2338)Hohai UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
440 (2347)Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand UniversityINDUniversityQ1
440 (2347)State Key Laboratory of Millimeter WavesHKGGovernmentQ1
440 (2347)Tottori University *JPNUniversityQ2
443 (2355)Far Eastern Memorial HospitalTWNHealthQ2
443 (2355)Visva-Bharati UniversityINDUniversityQ1
443 (2355)Chongqing Medical University *CHNUniversityQ1
443 (2355)Nanjing University of Information Science and TechnologyCHNUniversityQ1
447 (2365)National Taipei University of TechnologyTWNUniversityQ1
448 (2368)Institute of Tibetan Plateau Research, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
448 (2368)Ton Duc Thang UniversityVNMUniversityQ1
450 (2380)West China HospitalCHNHealthQ1
451 (2384)Ateneo de Manila UniversityPHLUniversityQ2
451 (2384)Aichi Medical University *JPNUniversityQ2
451 (2384)Indian Institute of Technology, VaranasiINDUniversityQ1
454 (2394)Gunma University *JPNUniversityQ2
454 (2394)APJ Abdul Kalam Technological UniversityINDUniversityQ1
454 (2394)Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and ResearchINDUniversityQ1
454 (2394)National Institute of Technology, TiruchirappalliINDUniversityQ1
458 (2401)University of Toyama *JPNUniversityQ2
458 (2401)Thapar Institute of Engineering and TechnologyINDUniversityQ1
460 (2406)Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
460 (2406)St Marianna University School of Medicine *JPNUniversityQ2
460 (2406)Syiah Kuala UniversityIDNUniversityQ1
463 (2414)Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal UniversityINDUniversityQ1
463 (2414)Jichi Medical University *JPNUniversityQ1
465 (2420)Chitkara University, PunjabINDUniversityQ1
465 (2420)Tokyo University of AgricultureJPNUniversityQ2
467 (2432)Jiwaji UniversityINDUniversityQ1
467 (2432)Northeastern University, ChinaCHNUniversityQ1
469 (2436)Quaid-i-Azam UniversityPAKUniversityQ1
469 (2436)Qingdao University *CHNUniversityQ1
469 (2436)Government College University, FaisalabadPAKUniversityQ1
472 (2442)China University of Mining and TechnologyCHNUniversityQ1
473 (2448)Meijo UniversityJPNUniversityQ2
473 (2448)Hefei Institutes of Physical Sciences, Chinese Academy of SciencesCHNGovernmentQ1
473 (2448)Chonnam National UniversityKORUniversityQ1
476 (2452)Himachal Pradesh UniversityINDUniversityQ1
477 (2464)Huazhong Agricultural UniversityCHNUniversityQ1
477 (2464)Aga Khan University Hospital, KarachiPAKHealthQ1
479 (2470)Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences *INDUniversityQ1
480 (2483)Indian Statistical InstituteINDUniversityQ1
480 (2483)Fujita Health University *JPNUniversityQ2
480 (2483)Kyoto Prefectural University of MedicineJPNUniversityQ1
483 (2493)Yamagata University *JPNUniversityQ2
483 (2493)Jember UniversityIDNUniversityQ2
485 (2500)Al-Farabi Kazakh National UniversityKAZUniversityQ1
485 (2500)Bharathidasan UniversityINDUniversityQ1
485 (2500)University of the Ryukyus *JPNUniversityQ2
488 (2509)LG Electronics, South KoreaKORCompanyQ1
488 (2509)Kochi University *JPNUniversityQ2
490 (2517)Bharathiar UniversityINDUniversityQ1
490 (2517)Asia University, TaiwanTWNUniversityQ2
492 (2525)Mie University *JPNUniversityQ2
492 (2525)The University of LahorePAKUniversityQ1
494 (2530)Taylors UniversityMYSUniversityQ1
494 (2530)Universitas RiauIDNUniversityQ2
496 (2532)Kwansei Gakuin UniversityJPNUniversityQ2
497 (2536)National Taiwan University of Science and TechnologyTWNUniversityQ1
498 (2543)Fukuoka University *JPNUniversityQ2
498 (2543)Southern University of Science and TechnologyCHNUniversityQ1
498 (2543)Tezpur UniversityINDUniversityQ1